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Art by K I N D A

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Trees of Life

Series 2021

The Trees of Life, our connection between heaven and earth, magically generating electrical vibes joining us to ethereal realms.

-- Mixed media on canvas with Swarovski Crystals & Eco Resin.

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"4th Heart Chakra" from the Chakra Series 2021


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Artist Bio

         A Modern Expressionist, Kinda is a US-born visionary artist of Kurdish-Syrian descent. She majored in Advertising Design, and studied spiritual concepts, including those related to yoga and body movement which inform her work - she received her Yoga instructor certification in 2012. Her work carries messages, stories, and suggested solutions aimed at progressions in life, including mysticism and spiritual acquisition of knowledge, which may not be otherwise accessible to the intellect.

                Her paintings utilize a ‘new’ technique, which she created while working with eco-resin, mixing it with acrylic and other media resulting in vibrant 3D effects. Many of her paintings and digital art include representations of spiritual healing elements, such as, chakras, yoga poses, and survival.

                Kinda has exhibited locally and internationally in numerous prominent galleries. Her recent works include published NFTs, The Chakras Series, Trees-of-Life Series, and The World Map Redefined Series.

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Digital & New Media

This Digital Portfolio SOLD.

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Portfolio -- Expressionism

All Expressionism Portfolio SOLD.

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All portrait artwork SOLD.

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"MAAADEA!", "Released", and "Quantum Entanglement", exhibited @ The Florence Biennale 2019.

An icon of freedom, survival, and triumph, Madea gushes a healing force connecting to “RELEASED”, a painting relieving innocent prisoners with entangled vibes that continue above them in “QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT”; particles that were once connected physically, remain connected energetically, even though physically apart.


Images and techniques copyright Kinda Barazi.

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“I now listen to the songs of other birds that have come with the advance of civilization… and, like the wild wood birds our fathers used to hold their breath to hear, they sing in concert, without pride, without envy, without jealousy – alike in forest and field, alike before wigwam or castle, alike before savage or sage, alike chief or king”
-- Potawatomi Chief


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Luc de Clapiers

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